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Confused about Brexit? Talk to this chatbot

Peter Yeung has designed a chatbot called WTF Is Brexit? to talk you through the consequences of leaving or remaining in the EU

It’s the biggest political moment our generation has faced and we get the chance to have a say in it. But the decision on whether Britain should leave or remain in the EU is shrouded in confusion, with a lot of old guys shouting loudly from both sides. It’s vital that the youth turn out to vote in this referendum - we’re the most likely to be pro-EU but unfortunately the least likely to vote.

To help you understand a little more about it, Peter Yeung has made a chatbot called WTF Is Brexit? a simple programme that guides you through the conversation. “I made WTF is Brexit because I think politicians have totally failed to explain the EU referendum in a clear and relevant way,” he says. “The terms of debate have been so serious and stilted – they forget that the most of the UK aren't like them.

“It’s supposed to look and feel like iMessage. I don’t see why political discussion isn't brought into the 21st century. A lot of polls have shown that even though “the youth” are the most pro-EU group, they are also the least likely to actually get out of the house and vote.

“So you could have this situation where older generations end up deciding how young people will live – that would be a tragedy. They should exercise their rights and decide their own future. And bollocks to neutrality, I think it would be a disaster if the UK left the EU. But still, people should make their own minds up. And I hope this helps them do so.”

Play with WTF Is Brexit? here.