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Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is hitchhiking via Twitter for art

#TAKEMEANYWHERE sees Shia and his collaborators drop their coordinates online in the hopes that someone will pick them up and drive them... anywhere

You may have noticed Shia LaBeouf tweeting some random coordinates the last few days. Followers had been left to draw their own conclusions over the cryptic messages, unsure just what LaBeouf and his creative collaborators Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner were up to. But given the actor’s penchant for immersive, out-the-box projects, #TAKEMEANYWHERE, where the trio will hitchhike via Twitter, is no surprise really.

Starting in Boulder, Colorado, LaBeouf, Turner and Rönkkö will use the social media platform to send out their coordinates daily for the public to pick them up, and then drive where they choose. Their journey will be charted in real time online via VICE.

The collective will then create a video to be displayed at Finnish Institute in London and Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, the institutional partners for the performance.

The actor-artist has been keeping himself busy with thoughtful, pretty unforgettable art projects: his performative gallery piece #IAMSORRY with the notorious paper bag, his three day stint in a cinema watching back-to-back Shia films, 24 hours in an Oxford lift and his public telephone hotline to #TouchHisSoul.

#TAKEMEANYWHERE takes its name from Rönkkö’s last project, which involved blindfolded horseback riding (same diff?). The last location tweeted out was at Chapel on the Rock in Denver, and people have already been quick to track the group down. Shia even bought them snacks.

So if you’re scrolling through your TL between 23 May-23 June and after consulting with Google Earth, you find Shia and the gang near you, go pick them up. Just do it.