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The night tube will finally start in August

London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that the 24-hour trains will commence at the end of summer, starting with the Central and Victoria lines

Ravers rejoice. TfL have set an official date for the night tube: a year since the news broke that the transport service would finally cater to London's night culture. The 24-hour service is set to start on 19 August and the trains will run on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Central and Victoria lines will be the first nocturnal lines to commence, with the Piccadilly, Jubilee and Northern lines following in autumn.

Last year saw TfL union workers strike over the night tube proposal's terms set in place by former mayor Boris Johnson. To resolve issues surrounding pay and unsociable hours, Sadiq Khan has promised the creation of more jobs. New part-time drivers have been employed to deliver the night tube service, with approximately 200 new drivers currently in training.

Figures from the mayor's office show that tube journeys at night are increasing at twice the rate of daytime travel on the underground, so these new plans are coming in at the perfect time.

Transport commissioner Mike Brown said: “More than half a million people use the tube after 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and the introduction of the night tube, which will support London's businesses and jobs, is a historic step in our modernisation of the underground and our work to support London's economic growth.”

The move is part of new mayor Sadiq Khan's first wave of changes. He commented: “The night tube is absolutely vital to my plans to support and grow London's night-time economy – creating more jobs and opportunities for all Londoners. The constant delays under the previous mayor let Londoners down badly. I have made getting the night tube up and running a priority.”

Who knows what could happen after this – with licenses becoming stricter on clubs and London's nightlife in its most precarious position in years, we could be welcoming a total revitalisation. Check out the nocturnal underground map here, to start pre-planning those heavy nights.