This new film brings a foot fetish fantasy to life

Feminist adult filmmaker Erika Lust is back with another XConfessions film inspired by anonymous fan submissions, this time in a public library

What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy? Feminist indie adult filmmaker Erika Lust brings the erotic concepts of your mind to life with her XConfessions project, and she’s back with another instalment: Do You Find My Feet Suckable.

Each month, the Swedish artist handpicks a new, anonymous submission from the XConfessions community, who write in with their ultimate fantasies for her to bring to life. So far, she’s dipped into sex on the beach, a wine fetish and fucking a feminist man among countless other bits of smut from the minds of fans. This latest short film follows a silent, sensual exchange in a library, building up to under-the-table-toe-sucking while others study around them.

Lust’s last series made it to last year’s Raindance Film Festival, and she continues to smash the ceilings on the porn patriarchy. As a filmmaker, she has been at the forefront of creating adult films with a multi-faceted, ambitious narrative, focusing on erotica that fulfils the desires of real world people. She told Dazed in a previous interview: “I do think it’s important in general to present people as they are – complex beings with many sides to their personalities, with many hobbies and interests.”

“It’s such a cheap worldview to have, to think that just because someone likes sex and does something sex-related for work, that it would be all there is to a person. Sex is just one side of life. At the end of the day, they are people just like you and me and we should show that.”