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An image from an earlier Tunick installationInstagram: Spencer Tunick

Would you get naked in the interests of art?

Photographer Spencer Tunick is calling for Hull citizens to strip off for new large-scale installation the ‘Sea of Hull’

People of Hull, it's time to get naked in the name of art. God knows these opportunities don't come around as often as we'd like.  

Art Net reports that American photographer Spencer Tunick, who specialises in mass nude art installations, has selected the East Yorkshire city as the location for his next project. Hull isn't an entirely leftfield choice, having recently been named UK City of Culture for 2017. Because nothing says culture more than hundreds of naked Yorkshiremen gently shivering in a freezing English Channel.

Speaking about the one-off event, Tunick said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in art who wants to pose nude but is modest. The body paint will help many participants to overcome their inhibitions - after all, they will still be covered in a way.” Having previously shot thousands of nude citizens in slightly more exotic locations like Mexico, Australia and Spain, Tunick is well-versed in persuading people to strip off for his mass installations. And the people of Hull seem to be game, with over 2000 altruistic citizens volunteering to get naked for the photographer. 

The final result will be called the “Sea of Hull”, as a reminder of the city’s maritime past, and will be displayed in the Ferens art gallery. Aspiring models can sign up here to be covered in body make-up before taking part in the shoot, which is hoped will mimic the waves of the ocean.

The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday 9 July. Fingers crossed it'll be a warm July – although, let's face it, it probably won't be.