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Courtesy Anonymous

Anonymous have made their first attack on Donald Trump

The hacktivist group have reportedly leaked the mogul’s social security details and cell phone number

After declaring “total war” on Donald Trump earlier this week, it looks like Anonymous have now made their first move. According to a series of tweets posted on Thursday afternoon, the hacktivist group have already gained access to the Republican candidate’s personal info – leaking his (alleged) social security details and his cell phone number via a public Pastebin link.

The group, who are currently sparring against both Isis and the Thai government, also included some very underwhelming details – raising questions about their credibility. For example, the dox includes Trump’s birth date, children’s names and business address: which can all be found by clicking on his Wikipedia page. It also includes an outdated address for his legal representatives.

As for the other alleged details, there’s no real way to be sure about their authenticity. Any calls made on the given cell phone number go straight to a full voicemail inbox (which hints that a number of the mogul’s detractors may have already got there first), and the social security number has no way of being publicly verified. So, for the moment, I guess we just have to take Anonymous’s word for it.

The group also tweeted another, more threatening declaration – claiming that “the biggest attack” was still yet to come. This supports the original YouTube declaration, which claimed that Anonymous would be making their main move on April 1.

Trump’s campaign have already spoken out against the attack, and have stressed that “the government and law enforcement authorities” are actively “seeking the arrest of the people responsible”. According to ABC News, a government official has also confirmed that the federal authorities are investigating the hacks.

UPDATE: Another Anonymous source has since stepped forward and debunked this information, claiming that the @AnonnMessage account is not a reliable source. Given all the factions within the global group, though, it’s hard to know who to trust – especially as it’s reportedly “open to all” and “erects no formal barriers to participation”. We’ll update with more information when it comes.