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Women give more oral sex than men do

According to a new survey called ‘Was It Good For You Too?’ there’s an ‘oral sex gap’ between women giving and receiving head – but it’s not because men are more selfish

In a study that might not surprise many women, it turns out that there’s an ‘oral sex’ gap between the amount of men receiving oral sex and not giving it back in return. 

The study, which has the quite brilliant title Was it good for you too?: An analysis of gender differences in oral sex practices and pleasure ratings among heterosexual Canadian university students, found that men were more likely than women to receive oral sex but not give it back in return. The study (which only focused on heterosexual sex) found that 63 per cent of men reported receiving a blowjob during their last sexual encounter, compared to only 44 per cent of women who said that their sexual partner had performed cunnilingus. 

The study also found that more women than men reported giving oral sex to their sexual partner (59 per cent versus 52 per cent). On a more positive note, turns out that men do actually really like going downtown. According to the authors of the study, “men were significantly more likely than women to report that giving oral sex was very pleasurable (52 per cent vs. 28 per cent).”

What’s interesting about the findings is that men do actually enjoy going down on women – which suggests that the issue isn’t male ‘selfishness’ so much as women not feeling comfortable receiving oral sex. The authors of the study suggest that female anxiety about feeling ‘unclean’ might be to blame.

“Women indicated that they would not be comfortable receiving oral sex from a partner unless they had just finished showering/bathing, due to feelings of self-consciousness about the way they smelled. This interfered with their ability to focus on their own pleasure and led to feelings of anxiety when receiving oral sex was a possibility.”

Maybe women are conditioned to feel more shame or anxiety around their genitals – an anxiety that the multi-million dollar feminine hygiene industry exploits. Only when women are taught not to feel ashamed of their bodies – funny smells and all – can they start to enjoy the same sort of sex that men are already having.

H/t Fusion