Watch this exclusive fashion film featuring Kiernan Shipka

Follow our spring issue cover star and Dazed 100 contender through LA dreamland during her cover story shoot by Ben Toms

Set against a West Coast backdrop of palm trees, empty pools and a pastel skyline, Ben Toms captures Kiernan Shipka’s dreamy, Americana otherworld in his latest fashion film, styled by Robbie Spencer. Shot during Shipka’s spring 2016 issue cover shoot, it brings that series of images to life. Explore the full print edit of images from the shoot here.

Growing up on screen as Mad Men’s Sally Draper, Shipka is graduating into a deeper and darker realm of film. With a leading role as a schoolgirl possessed by the devil in upcoming horror February and her own creative ideas swirling for the year ahead, she is welcoming 2016 with open arms.

In her cover story, Shipka discusses her vision of girlhood and feminism, the state of the film industry and her creative peers. “I’ve always been a feminist and I’m lucky to live in this time. The characters I’ve always been drawn to are real and flawed,” she explains. “That’s not how women have always been portrayed. Now there are more roles for interesting, strong females. The more roles out there like that, the cooler.”