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Ron Arad Takes A Seat At The Timothy Taylor Gallery

The sculptor's strange new works are on display at the Timothy Taylor Gallery

Fresh from his solo show in Paris, Ron Arad exhibits a collection of new works (some of which have never been seen before) at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, London. The Tel Aviv sculptor's work gives an impression of weightlessness and is created from heavy materials such as steel rods and aluminium. Thumbprint, evolved from the chair, is formed using shimmering bronze rods to create a dainty, yet imposing chasm of exploration. Pieces Bodyguards and Drunk Bodyguards (self-explanatory) impose and protect and are finished in polished aerospace aluminium.

Ron Arad's works are on display from April 8 - May 9 2009 at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, 15 Carlos Place, W1K 2EX.  

Film Direction by Freire Barnes and Film by Sophie Smith.

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