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Sarah Palin in the middle of saying god-knows-what

Watch these Vines of Sarah Palin speaking an alien language

The Republican endorsed fellow Republican Donald Trump last night in bizarre style – here we look at the best slash worst moments

To an outsider, American politics can seem kind of strange. There’s Donald Trump, who continues to amaze and depress. There’s the oddly mesmeric spectacle of ‘The Freedom Girls’ singing pro-Trump lyrics in scenes reminiscent of North Korean propaganda films. 

And if watching prepubescent girls in short skirts shake their hips (‘Go Get Them Boys!’) isn’t weird enough for you, Trump has found a way to brighten even the most depressing January morning  — by wheeling out everyone’s favourite gun-toting moose-slaying soccer Mom for an unexpected endorsement. 

Like a franchise of slasher films that Hollywood executives just won’t stop rebooting, Sarah Palin is back — and it’s either kind of brilliant, or psycho-killer-hiding-under-your-bed-terrifying, depending on where your political views sit on a scale of 1 to crazy. 

Yesterday, former presidential hopeful Palin appeared at a rally in the key state of Iowa to lend her support to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Her speech was essentially a list of right-wing buzzwords, strung together in no discernible order, like some sort of terrible performance art piece designed to ‘explore the limits of language’. I’m still poring over it now, and I can’t make sense of it, but if you’re up for deciphering some political doublespeak you can check it out here

Highlights include the innovative foreign policy approach “let them duke it out and let Allah sort it out”, and the gospel-according-to-capitalism-inspired “he is from the private sector, not a politician – can I get a 'Hallelujah!'

Because it’s hump day, and we feel like you might be in need of a little light relief, and also because we’re still waiting for the inevitable rap video of Palin endorsing Trump that we’re certain Cassette Boy is working on right now, we’ve rounded up some of the best Palin Vines for you to enjoy below. 


Along with the rest of Twitter, I have literally no idea what she’s saying here. Is it possible that Sarah Palin is actually a malfunctioning robot and someone filled her up with the wrong type of fuel? If so, it might be time to revise the ‘all politicians are evil lizards’ theory for 2016. 


We’ve got to give credit to Twitter user @mattdizwhitlock for this one — you’re absolutely right, Palin does appear to be doing some 8 Mile-inspired freestyling.


Even Sarah Palin gets tongue-tied sometimes. While she meant to name-check Trump’s documentary Master of the Deal (which has a 2 star rating on IMDB), what she actually suggested that Trump was the “Master of the Dill”, which is how Americans commonly describe gherkins.


I really hope this is an euphemism and Trump won’t be allowed near any actual cradles containing human babies soon. Check out how shifty he looks at the end of this clip. What the hell are you hiding, Donald?


Because no round-up is complete without a word from the man himself, here’s an extremely orange-faced Trump expressing his gratitude and reminding everyone that Palin is in fact a woman by weirdly emphasising the ‘she’ pronoun.