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laura dern in wild at heart
Laura Dern in Wild At Heart (1990)

Laura Dern joins the cast of Twin Peaks

The Lynch regular will reportedly be playing a ‘mystery role’ in the upcoming Showtime revival

As many could have predicted, David Lynch’s upcoming Twin Peaks revival has already raised much more questions than its answered. Casting rumours are rife, and confirmation is non-existent. Will Amanda Seyfried be introduced as Dale Cooper’s daughter? Is Jennifer Jason Leigh really going to make an appearance? And will Sherilyn Fenn be re-donning the tasteful tartan of Audrey Horne? Basically, no one actually knows – and the surreal auteur is, predictably, keeping schtum.

The latest addition to this growing pile of unconfirmed rumours is Lynch favourite Laura Dern. The Wild At Heart star, who has long been a friend and collaborator of the director, has reportedly been given a very important role in the upcoming series. According to TV Linethe character is currently undisclosed, but will apparently be “pivotal” to the plot – with some speculators certain that she will be taking on the role of Cooper’s mysterious assistant, Diane.

“(David) very generously asked me to be part of (Twin Peaks), but I was doing a film called Fat Man and Little Boyso was unavailable,” revealed Dern, when we interviewed her last year. “I don’t regret it, because I was doing other things that I loved very much at the time.”

“We’re cooking up trouble, that’s for sure. We drink coffee and we brainstorm and let our brains go wild together – and that’s delicious. He’s not only my maestro, but he really is one of the best friends anybody could ever be lucky enough to have.”

Oh well, it’s only another 12 months until we find out whether there’s any real truth to all these rumours. To try and keep sane in the meantime, check out our special “who’s back and who’s not” cheatsheet, or watch the first teaser of the show below.