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Grimes: on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list once morevia

Grimes and Eckhaus Latta top Forbes 30 Under 30 list

The 2016 selection is teeming with underground characters from across the arts, culture and fashion worlds

Looking at the Forbes 30 Under 30 list each year is like dipping into a catalogue of all the bright stars who’ll be leading their industry by the time the 12 months are out. Some of them are known faces, some are ones just starting to make huge steps onto their respective scene. Either way, the gravitas and respect this particular trend list commands is not to be doubted. This is the real deal. Which makes it all the more interesting to see such alternative names being touted across the arts, culture and fashion worlds.

For music, Dazed cover star Grimes is holding the torch for electro-pop, alongside C-pop singer G.E.M, Fetty Wap and Schoolboy Q. In arts and culture, numerous Dazed names are crowned: multi-media feminist artist Amalia Ulman, net artist Petra Cortright and conceptual artist Ryder Ripps. In the world of fashion, plus size model Ashley Graham was named, with New York’s finest young designers Eckhaus Latta and Ximon Lee. Photographers Olivia Bee and Sophie Elgort also made the cut.

Over the past couple of years the list has become increasingly reflective of the cultural zeitgeist, more inclusive of those pushing boundaries and doing something more alternative within their field. As such, this year we see plus-size models standing next to post-internet artists  – and one thing’s certain, if this is the future, it’s exciting.

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