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Grand Budapest Hotel movie still

People are reviewing The Grand Budapest Hotel on TripAdvisor

‘It’s a lot of hotel with a little bit of staff, so don’t count on snappy service’

After cementing his cult status with last year’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson has become a major player in the world of American cinema. The director is dominating awards festivals, inspiring art exhibitions and may even be building his own theme park, which all just hints at the obsessive level of devotion he instills in his fans.

Now, though, it seems like that devotion may be crossing over into straight-up delusion. Anderson’s immersive world – in particular, the world of The Grand Budapest Hotel – has become so real to some people, they’ve decided to create a real-life TripAdvisor page in its honour.

Packed with over 269 reviews, the page sees the film’s hotel top the hospitality tankings in the fictional republic of Zubrowka, with an overall score of 4.5. And, weirdly, people are really getting into it. “What a delightful stay I had in this quiet, quaint hotel,” wrote one reviewer. “The rooms are small and the concierge is a little awkward at times, but if you want a quiet stay and a beautiful view, the Grand Budapest is an excellent choice.”

While 178 of the reviews are ‘excellent’, some are not so glowing. “I won’t come back,” wrote YumiYoshi from Legoland. “No memory foam. Can’t ask for a second pillow. No free wi-fi, and when you pay for it, connection is terrible.” Another user, Likeaveragestuff, agreed, saying that hotel “drowns in the weight of its own vacuum”. Whatever that means.

“The moment I entered the lobby I was assaulted by the smell of festering dreams and faded glory,” they said. “My room was large yet spartan, soft yet lumpy and warm yet cold like a dead relatives (sic) empty suit.”

There you go. If you want to prove Likeaveragestuff and YumiYoshi wrong – and you really, truly have nothing better to do – then you can visit the TripAdvisor page now

(h/t The Independent)