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saggy pants
Butts out: cause for concern?via Tumblr

Two students spent 48 hours in jail for sagging pants

High school official says he gave them several indecent exposure warnings before bringing the crack down

Rule one of High School: don’t violate the damn dress code. Some institutions may take that basic tenet very seriously. Like, taking you to jail seriously. 

Two high school kids in Tennessee were sent to a county jail after four students were accused of indecent exposure. One of the students, 18-year-old Antonio Ammons, from Bolivar Central High, says he spent 48 hours in jail and now has to sort out how he’s going to pay the $250 in court costs and fines. “I just took it and went on. I didn’t know what else to do,” Ammons said.

The indecent exposure in question? Saggy trousers or “pants”. School resource officer Charles Woods claimed he had warned the offending students several times before officially charging them. Not that this move should come as a massive surprise to anyone. A few states in the past few years have attempted with varying degrees of success to ban the trend. However, while we can agree no one needs to see your CKs while innocently walking the school halls, jail time seems a little extreme.