This is the best Cribs episode ever

Jarvis Johnson is camped out in anticipation of Black Friday in a very impressive tent packed with a TV, a microwave and his friend Eduardo

Yes, Black Friday is bad. We’ve all seen the Vines of years gone by – people trampling over each other, fighting and screaming to pick up cheap electronic goods, or whatever shit they don’t really need to put in their house. But this video of Arizona man Jarvis Johnson, camped outside Best Buy in a sturdy, spacious tent with his mate Eduardo in preparation for the big day of sales, is an uplifting addition to what is traditionally a depressing day. He is psyched.

Fox 10 interview Johnson, who then proceeds to take them on a tour of his tent – which is no ordinary two man, it’s a legitimate pad. It actually looks better than places you can rent in London. In there he’s got a big TV, a microwave, electricity, a bed and he’s working on getting Wi-fi. Along for the ride is his quiet friend Eduardo, who is no doubt happy to be friends with a guy this happy who has all this cool shit. Johnson has been camping out for Black Friday for eight years, but this is his most serious operation thus far and he says he’s getting smarter every time. "Early bird gets the worm," he says, "and I’m an early early early bird, so I got the worms!"

This is one thing you probably won’t see often – someone doing something related to Black Friday and actually having a good time.