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list of hot syrian refugees
The Daily Caller’s "13 Syrian refugees wee’d take immediately"

Website lists ‘hot Syrian refugees’ suitable for America

They’re women lifted from a weird Instagram account and aside from anything else there seems to be little indication that they’re refugees, or even Syrian

In the wake of the Paris attacks, more than half of all US states have attempted to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees. Obama has had his wise say on the matter and declared any resistance to housing people fleeing war as un-American. Still, tensions are high and anti-immigration rhetoric feverish – Donald Trump has called for a "big beautiful wall to be built".

However one site – Fox News-affiliated blog The Daily Caller – is really stepping up, with a list of 13 female refugees it would take immediately on the basis that they’re hot. Aside from anything, 13 isn’t exactly generous given that there are an estimated 7 million refugees displaced by the civil war.

In response to multiple governors making public announcements that they will not accept any Syrian refugees, The Daily Caller says, "while a growing list of governors are claiming they won’t allow Syrian refugees to enter their states, we think these women might make them change their minds. They are Syria-sly hot." Syria-sly hot.

Some of the photos The Daily Caller embedded have since been taken down, possibly by the horrified runner of said account, but were lifted from a relatively small-time Instagram (just 48 posts and 7,000 followers) by the name of @syrian_girls. The posts are sporadic, with the last picture having been uploaded around 15 weeks ago. Really, it feels like The Daily Caller has scoured not that far and not that wide with a "syrian girls instagram" Google search in order to create a list of 13 hot "Syrian refugees" intended to lightheartedly encourage US governors to totally abandon their xenophobic policy that was only adopted to curry favour with frightened voters in the first place.

An article titled "Syrian refugees we’d take immediately" should scroll down for hours – fortunately this list making light of people’s lives being irreversibly changed for the worse only takes around ten seconds to process and acknowledge as trash.