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anonymous releases noob guide

Anonymous releases guide on how to hack Isis

The hacktivist collective has posted a DIY cheatsheet for anyone looking join the cyberfight

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks that hit Paris last Friday, Anonymous has “waged war” on Isis, the extremist group largely believed to be responsible for the attacks, and shut down hundreds of Twitter accounts associated with the militant group by posting the details on Pastebin. Isis described Anonymous as “idiots” and questioned what they would even hack.

Unperturbed, Anonymous has continued in its fight to disrupt Isis, to the extent that it’s published a “noob guide” to encourage individuals not associated with the collective to join the mission dubbed #OpParis. The guide is split into three sections – the Noob guide for hackers, the Reporter guide explaining how to set up a Twitter spambot to reveal Isis accounts, and the Searcher guide to help hackers locate Isis websites.

The crowdsourcing hackers attempt to motivate with a “more the merrier” message. “Instead of sitting idle in the channel or lurking around doing nothing, you can benefit greatly from the different tools and guides that have been provided to you. Your contribution means a lot and we encourage you to partake in all of the Op’s activities if you can, the more the merrier.”

So if you’re looking to help wage cyberwar, check out the DIY guide provided by the world’s most notorious hacker group.