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crying laughing emoji
This: the word of the yearvia

The official word of the year: the crying-laughing emoji

The Oxford English Dictionary has chosen its most prominent and relevant word for 2015 and it’s not even a word at all

Emojis are such a part of our existence that we’ve got a keyboard to type them quicker. We get collectively ecstatic every time a new set is released. There’s going to be an emoji movie, FFS. That’s how much those little pictures have integrated themselves into mainstream pop culture.

Even so, it’s a little strange when you get an institution like the Oxford English Dictionary choosing an emoji as its ‘word of the year’. For starters, it’s not actually a word. It’s a picture. But, hey, who’s judging? Language evolves, right? The emoji in question is the crying-laughing emoji. The one with two fat tears coming out of its eyes as it howls.

It makes sense that this emoji was chosen above all others. It’s so versatile and basic. It’s the picture equivalent of LOL. No one really says that anymore but we still socially need that replacement. It’s an acknowledgement of what the other person has said that’s even quicker than typing out l-m-a-o. 

This has really proved that emojis have ushered in a new language altogether. No doubt, this choice will piss off the masses who throw strops over language changing, every time the Oxford Dictionary announces the words it’s including each year. To all of them I say: