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Banksy GCHQ
A close-up of Banksy’s GCHQ piece near the company’s Cheltenham offices

GCHQ is trying to recruit east Londoners with ‘graffiti’

Losing a little faith in our national security here

Do you like overpriced coffee beans and magazine launches? Do you enjoy that Bitcoin dispensers exist? Do you closely observe strangers for no reason? Well, if so, I've got good af news fy rn irl – because, according to a weird new advertising campaign, you're probably the perfect candidate to guard the UK's national security. 

Apparently, spy agency GCHQ, Britain's answer to the NSA, has decided to look to London's Shoreditch for their next wave of employees – and they're not exactly being stealth about it. Using “cool” “reverse” “graffiti” ads, the company is trying to lure prospective talent away from the East End's technological start-ups, by using the only language they'll understand.

The stencilled ads, which have been spotted in various locations around the area, read: “GCH-WHO? Technical Opportunities” 

The company's press office confirmed to that the ads were 100% real, and that they were an attempt to experiment with “innovative ways of reaching the people we would like to recruit”. And, given that there are over 1.5 million cybercrimes in the world each day, I'm sure they're getting pretty desperate.

So, if you're interested – and fancy moving to offices in Cheltenham, Bude or Scarborough – you know what to do