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Johnny Depp
To be fair it would be hard on the heart breaking up with Johnny Depp....on the other hand, he may have given you some great gifts that you can sell now!

eBay for breakups lets you make money out of misery

Got some crap stuff your ex gave you hanging around? Monetise that heartbreak girl!

When a relationship ends there are a few options of what to do with the stuff they’ve given you. Keep the used tissues, lock of hair and birthday cards in a cardboard box and open it once a night. Throw it all out of the window and set fire to it in the garden. Or, if you’re clever, sell all that shit on eBay and make some cash.

Never Liked It Anyway is founded and run by women who’ve been given tat by their partners over the years and now want to profit from the breakup. You can sell and buy anything on the site – they even have a “weird stuff” category. When you put something up for sale, not only do you let the potential purchaser know your Break Up Stage (anything from Heartbroken and Super Angry to the more positive Better Than Ever), but you give a nice little backstory to your unwanted item.

Depressingly, most items are wedding dresses or jewellery, which makes sense. What could be more sentimental and high in value than wedding merch? This engagement ring for example is for sale because “he likes guys”. Fair enough.

This ring, on the other hand, is up on the market because “I married a sociopath (for real)”.

It’s not all bling though – you can find standard eBay type stuff on here too. For homebodies, there’s a Vitamix or a Small Picture Frame which once held a picture of the couple. For sporty types, why not purchase this Beach Cruiser In Green (“My relationship ended and I'm moving to Woodland Hills where I won’t need a beach cruiser”) or this Douche Bag Ex Snowboard (“Bought a brand new snowboard for him for Christmas and he never used it for two years and then broke up with me for his girl that was apparently like a sister”).

I guess it depends on how comfortable you feel purchasing a memento of a doomed relationship. On the one hand, you’re helping a gal out and I’m massively into that. And why not monetise your failed relationship? But seriously, there’s no way I’m putting a photo of anyone or anything I care about in that creepy photo frame.