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Penelope Gazin
Courtesy Penelope Gazin

A trippy and twisted take on female sexuality

Beasts, boobs and bodily fluids – Penelope Gazin’s creations serve up some gruesome feminist satire

“I was born with a dead parasitic twin growing out of the side of my head,” Penelope Gazin explains. “It was removed when I was a baby, so I'm really inspired by deformities.” It takes just one look at the Brooklyn illustrator’s creations before you see exactly the kind of gruesome “inspiration” she's talking about. Suspicious fluids, salivating breasts and grotesque bodily growths all crawl creepily together, creating visuals that mix the glamour of 50s pin-ups with the goriness of graphic sci-fi novels. This is a whole new breed of feminist satire – and it's definitely not for the weak-hearted (or the weak-stomached). “I just really like boobs and women's bodies and sex and objectifying them,” says Gazin – who also goes by the name of Penelope Meatloaf. “I like objectifying men too, but I don't find their bodies as interesting.” 

You can see more of Penelope Gazin's work on her Tumblr here