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Shoesnpoos Instagram account
via @shoesnpoos Instagram

Weird Instagram: People wearing trainers on the toilet

Finally, an online gallery of people showing off their Nikes while they relieve themselves

Instagram is used for many things – boasting about how sick your life is, starting collectives on body image, feminism and racial diversity and sometimes, to sell weed. This latest movement is pretty niche and a bit odd.

The Instagram account going by the classy name of @shoesnpoos, found by Complex, features people wearing their trainers in different bathrooms with a description of the model and quote from (we assume) the person wearing them. Think of it like Humans of New York but with Nikes and toilets.

The account was started in April but has recently gained loads of followers as more people dive into this seriously weird world. We’re assuming that these are sneaker shit selfies and not paparazzi Instagrams of other people on the toilet. We know that everyone loves trainers – see people queuing for days in the rain for Yeezy 350s – but this is fetishism gone far. One thing is certain, @shoesnpoos is a big Nike fan with majority of the account’s posts featuring the brand.

So if you find yourself in the toilet, wearing the latest Yeezys or Nikes, keep an eye out for a phone appearing below the stall, unless you actually want to be the latest addition to @shoesnpoos's collection, in which case get snapping.