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Landon Patterson
Landon Patterson after being crowned Homecoming Queenvia @LandonHavok on Twitter

High school names trans teen as homecoming queen

The teenager only came out earlier this year and has attracted a lot of support from her classmates

After coming out as her high school’s first ever transgender teen, Landon Patterson was crowned homecoming queen last weekend. A member of the senior class at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Patterson courageously came out last May as she began her transition. In that time Patterson joined the school’s cheer squad and was nominated by her classmates last month to be their homecoming queen.

Speaking to KCTV5 after being crowned, Patterson said: “I’ve dreamed about it since my freshman year, but I never knew it was possible for me.

“Just knowing that I did this, and that I just broke some barriers, I can’t even put it into words what I’m feeling right now. I’m just excited and hope this is going to help others out there. ” she continued.

Another nominee for the crown Orie Agbaji said: “She has so much strength that I just envy. She’s just beautiful and I love her.”

Patterson’s crowning comes a few weeks after another trans teen, Lila Perry, requested to use her school’s female toilet and changing rooms, which led to more than a hundred kids and parents protesting against her. Hopefully with the public transition of Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox’s #transisbeautiful and more positive stories like Patterson’s, the trans community will finally be fully welcomed into the world.

And as Patterson told Buzzfeed in an interview: “Life is too short to try and please others, so be yourself and rock it with confidence. Confidence will take you a long way when you’re different. It will let people know you’re sure of yourself and that is a very hard thing to be.

“So do what your heart wants and rock it out. We aren’t given enough time so it’s important we do what makes us happy,” she continued.

Watch an interview with Patterson below.