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Would you lose an organ to pay off your student debt?

Would you sell an organ to pay off your student loans?

From going under the knife to turning your life into a reality TV show, this study shows that our generation would go through a lot to wipe out debt

We’re a generation of debtors. It’s sort of a given now, isn't it? We’re never going to pay off our student debt. Most of us will be in debt forever. Unless you’re royalty, a city worker or a lottery winner, you’re probably going to owe somebody something for the rest of your life.

Many never even start paying off student debts. With the economy as it is, we’ll all be in low-paid jobs, hovering around the return payment threshold. It’s worse for those that started most recently – fees were tripled and racked up to an unrealistic £9,000 a year. And it's only getting worse, thanks to George Osborne. 

But apparently a lot of us are actually more bothered by this reality than we collectively let on. Personal finance site MyBankTracker asked 200 of its users (median age 32 with an average student debt balance) a series of questions to assess just far they’d go to get rid of their student loans. The rules of the game: yes or no answers only, and that you assume the activity will pay off your entire outstanding debt load.

The questions ranged from the unusual to the wildly unsafe. Would you be willing to turn your life into a reality TV show? Would you sell an organ? Sell half of your possessions? Would you ingest a drug that has not been approved by the FDA? Would you sign up for active duty? Worryingly, thirty per cent said they'd sell an organ if it’d rid them of their debt.

Maybe less surprisingly, when our lives are self-documented to such an extent, half of people said they’d be willing to turn their lives into a reality TV show.  I’m not sure about any of those to be quite honest, bar the possessions — like we have many? It’s important to note that this is a US study so maybe Brits aren’t as desperate to hand over their kidneys to wipe the slate clean. Guys?