Maisie Williams has her own YouTube channel

The Dazed cover star has taken up vlogging as a means to ‘let her creative juices out’

Dazed cover star, the 18-year-old Maisie Williams, has already utilised Instagram to make hilarious videos of her messing around, making weird comments and generally being brilliant. Now she's taken that personality and fun and extended the insights she gives into her world by making a YouTube channel. 

In the first video, she says, "I have decided to start a new YouTube channel and the main reason is because today I'm going to be doing a q&a to celebrate reaching one million followers on Twitter, but also because I have lots of friends who do YouTube and I just find it really, really interesting what they do and I thought I'd give it a shot myself."

On the channel, there'll be videos of things that make her laugh and sketches. "It'll just be every now and then; something that made me smile or an idea I had to let my creative juices out, I guess," she says.

During the Q&A Williams reveals the main reason she decided to make a YouTube channel was because of her friend, Casper Lee, 21-year-old vlogger from London. 

She goes on to chat about her pet peeves ("People who ask for your advice and then ignore you") and what it's like wearing the contact lenses to make her blind in Game of Thrones (spoiler alert).

It's Maisie Williams, so basically the videos are going to be as personable and relatable as the first. Obviously, she's great in front of the camera and vlogging is a natural transition for her to open up the relationship with her fans.