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Pornhub offers scholarship to those who ‘make people happy’

The world’s central wank bank is pledging $25,000 to someone who can prove they spread the love

That website you’ve secretly bookmarked to pretty much escape from your homework is now vowing to help you out with it. Pornhub is offering a $25,000 scholarship to one student who can answer the question “How do you strive to make others happy?” with an essay and a short video.

While instructions are thin on the ground on exactly what kind of happiness is applicable in this situation, the brief seems to be wide open. But before you get out the KY jelly, keep in mind that students have to be over 18, have a GPA of 3.2 or higher in college and submit official transcripts.

“We’re always looking at different ways we can give back and we thought helping someone to go to college would be a great way,” said Pornhub’s vice president, Corey Price, in an interview with the Washington Post. “Part of our inspiration is that we’ve seen a lot of people have a hard time getting money to go to college. We want to make it easier for one person who shares the same mission of spreading happiness.”

In the past, Pornhub has focussed its efforts to helping out the environment and cancer research, but this is the first time they’re promoting the D (degrees). Although sex videos won’t be taken into consideration, Pornhub has stated that nudity doesn’t disqualify your submission. The final submission date is October 31.

Cover image by Dafy Hagai. To see more of Hagai’s work, click here