Tribute: SOWLE, a film by AG Rojas and Corbett Jones

In the latest Tribute instalment, AG Rojas and Corbett Jones join skateboarding trio SOWLE in Houston, Texas, as they explore what it means to be a skater girl

In the next addition of the Tribute series, filmmakers AG Rojas and Corbett Jones present the steep slides and grinds of the Sowle sister trio. Magnificent, Valiant and Gentle are the Texas-based teen siblings, home schooled by their parents, who find their solace in the skate parks of Houston.

SOWLE follows the sisters through a dry Texas summer in the concrete bowls, as they explore what it means to be three young women skating collectively, doing what they love to do, in an environment that’s dominated by men. Cut with old family footage and past articles on their apparent phenomenon, the girls have grown up on the concrete.

Their obvious closeness boils down to their homeschooled life, as well a shared passion for skating. And it’s also what keeps them grounded in a world where three girls on boards is cause for open mouths and excitable hashtags online, In between half pipes, car rides and scraped knees, they juggle the trials and tribulations of boys, Twitpics, and the inevitability of growing up – albeit with bright pink hair.

The entire Tribute series, exploring youth culture across the world from MAINLINE, AG Rojas and Vince Haycock, is out on YouTube here