Is this the first TV trans love story?

Eve Ensler – best known for ‘The Vagina Monologues’ – is executive producing a TV series that looks inside the love lives of trans and queer women

On screen trans visibility has never been greater, with Laverne Cox taking a star turn in Orange Is The New Black and Caitlyn Jenner filming her fresh start in I Am Cait. But where are all the trans love stories at? Granted, Hari Nef’s appearance in The Drums’ new video had a romantic feel to it, but surely there are more tales to be told?

Eve Ensler thinks so. The playwright best known for The Vagina Monologues is working on a new web TV series called Her Story, along with trans co-writer and co-producer Jen Richards and director Sydney Freeland. In an article for the Guardian, Ensler explains that she’s been greatly influenced by spending time with an all-transgender cast of actors who were performing The Vagina Monologues.

"I learned about the prejudices and stigma that force transgender people into stealth existences," she says. "I learned of painful childhoods, where those determined as male or female struggle against bullying and mind control to feel right in their bodies. In the years since, I’ve watched as dialogue about transgender life has grown and representation in the media has exploded. But there is one thing I haven’t seen: those deep truths I learned over a decade ago told by trans people themselves."

That’s where Her Story comes in – a series that focusses on the lives of transgender people, complete with all the emotion that comes with being in love – the grief, the grasping and the grit. Her Story is out in October – watch the trailer and ignore the real cheesy music, this looks good.