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Tavi Gevinson is joining the cast of Scream Queens

The publishing wunderkind is cast as Feather, Jamie Lee Curtis’ nemesis and ex-stealing badass

TextTrey TaylorPhotographyRyan Lowry

Tavi Gevinson – the multihyphenate talent behind Rookie – has joined the cast of Ryan Murphy’s gender-bending sorrority horror Scream Queens. The 19-year-old teams with an ever-expanding cast including Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande and Billie Lourd.

Gevinson will transcend age to play Feather, who steals the ex-husband of Jamie Lee Curtis’ character. That might sound a bit strange, but (spoiler) in the first episode Jamie Lee’s character Dean Cathy Munsch bunks with a student. So age-swapping love-ins aren’t as out of place as they sound at the fictional Wallace University. Feather even gets a mention in the pilot, when Munsch refers to her nemesis as the “perky 19 year-old my husband left me for.”

Gevinson has already cut her teeth in the acting world, wrapping her first Broadway play last year and being generally funny as Chloe in 2013’s Enough Said. Scream Queens debuts September 22 on Fox. Have a watch of the trailer below: