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Twin Peaks 90s Danish tribute video One Eyed Jacks

Rap along to Twin Peaks with this bizarre 90s tribute video

A Laura Palmer lookalike in hotpants, an Agent Cooper voiceover, a white guy rapping and an interpretive dance: thank you, internet gods

Sometimes, the powers that preside over the realm of weird YouTube deliver you a precious gem so utterly bizarre and wonderful you more or less shut down your life. This video is one such moment – unearthed by Noisey, it’s a Twin Peaks tribute like we’ve never seen it. Dry ice, a fake forest filled with what can only be described as ghost figures engaged in interpretive dance moves, a solitary female singer swaying while crooning ethereally and a white rapper in a bucket hat spitting about Audrey Horne and Laura Palmer.

First uploaded to YouTube back in 2011, the 1991 video is the work of a Danish band then going under the name of One Eyed Jacks, also the casino of questionable repute that featured in the series. Additionally, the clip is full of not-so-subtle visual allusions to the show, like a red curtain, a chessboard, Agent Cooper’s cassette recorder and a cup of (what we assume is) coffee. 

Despite all the questions it raises (is this actually real or some kind of NYU viral video class project? Is the singer intentionally dressed like Cher from Clueless? Why don’t they edit music videos like this any more? Who told that guy he could rap?) the cover is actually pretty good, like a weird Slowdive B-side with slightly too funky beats. Another highlight is that someone actually gets credited for creating the "demon costumes"... To be honest, it’s just strange enough that we think David Lynch himself would probably approve. 

Check it out below: