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The government might have to debate legalising cannabis

70,000 people have signed a government petition and campaign groups think it could save the government a billion pounds

The call for legalising cannabis in the UK is a growing subject matter, after the drug has been popularly legalised in some states in America. Campaign groups such as U.S founded NORML have been pushing legalisation since the 1970s, groups like these have been playing an active role in the legalisation of the drug.

A recent petition on the Home Office website has been signed by over 70,000 people to legalise cannabis in the UK. It is very close to reaching its 100,000 goal, which is needed for the petition to reach parliament. It is already eligible for a response from the government, and could bring an interesting debate to the forefront.

Decriminalising the drug would reportedly save the government a lot of money. According to CLEAR UK, an organisation that campaigns for the legalisation of cannabis, taxing the drug would cost the UK government between “£581 Million and £1.7 billion per annum, with an average of £1.17 Billion”. The organisation thinks that the money could help reduce the deficit, as drug is dealt with through the black market.

The report said that 30 percent of 16-24 year olds in the UK have used cannabis in their lifetime and that roughly 5 percent of the same ages are using the drug more than once a month.

It is vague whether this petition will be taken seriously, or even considered as a reminder to the government that some people do want cannabis to be legalised in the UK.

The petition has till January 16 to reach its goal. Will it make a difference?

If you want cannabis legalised sign the petition here: