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London fire brigade
A London fireman putting out the fire in Shoreditchvia London Fire Brigade

London Fire Brigade tweets about ‘hipsters’, upsets everyone

The LFB has apologised for tweeting ‘fortunately no hipsters were injured’ after a blaze in Shoreditch – one trader described the post as ‘unprofessional and insulting’

Everyone knows the word "hipster" is dead, right? The London Fire Brigade apparently haven’t got the memo and deployed the word in a controversial tweet after a blaze tore through a restaurant. After successfully defeating the fire, the LFB tweeted:

Many were concerned with the rescue service‘s flippancy and declared themselves unimpressed by the fire brigade’s messaging, describing it as "bad taste", "disgusting" and "not very professional". Shortly afterwards the fire brigade opted to apologise for any offence caused with a follow up tweet:

After the fire brigade – which dealt with 170,000 fires last year – said it was sorry for the remark, one man replied saying "so you fucking should be". Many were offended by a perceived lack of insensitivity shown to the pop-up businesses that have been affected permanently by the blaze.

This is the second time in a week that London’s emergency services have come under fire for a divisive social media post. The Met Police’s helicopter surveillance team tweeted a photo of comedian Michael McIntyre, leading many to criticise the police’s abuse of surveillance powers.

We’re not convinced that the fire brigade did anything wrong, but have more concerns with the factual accuracy of the tweet. If "hipsters" really do exist, didn’t they leave Shoreditch a couple of years ago?