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Courtney Love's cab ambushed in Paris

Love has been live-tweeting from her car as it is attacked by anti-Uber protesters

Courtney Love appears to be in a very mild form of grave danger, with her cab driver being "held hostage" after her Uber was ambushed by protesters, who aren't happy with the way the company holds a monopoly on taxis in the country. Serge Metz, the head of cab company G7, said on French television: "We are truly sorry to have to hold clients and drivers hostage. We're not doing this lightly."

After her cab was "beaten with metal bars", Love raged that she is "safer in Baghdad" and included Kanye West in her tweets, with the rapper believed to be in hiding in his hotel. Love asked François Hollande, President of France, "where are the fucking police?"

Love is thought to be on her way from Charles de Gaulle airport into Paris' city centre. She is tweeting updates of her journey from her official account. Check out her smashed window below.