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Cool Ed Miliband
Ed "Don Draper" Milibandvia Tumblr / Cool Ed Miliband

‘Cool Ed Miliband’ wants you to reimagine the Labour leader

... As the world's coolest people. Like Brad Pitt from Fight Club

Ed Miliband would be the first to admit that looking cool isn't exactly his forté, so he may appreciate this collection of images that paint him in a slightly different light. Enter the Cool Ed Miliband Tumblr (plus associated Twitter account), which photoshops the Labour leader's face onto the bodies of people who suffer no such problems when it comes to projecting their image.

The project reimagines Miliband as iconic characters from classic films, TV and culture, with his face pasted onto the bodies of Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, Tyler Durden from Fight Club and Tony Montana from Scarface.

Miliband has performed well in both leaders debates so far, aside from being left out of that group hug, and on Saturday he made a surprisingly good job of appearing completely relaxed and regular when faced with a potential minefield in Chester. His campaign bus was gatecrashed by a hen do, an incident that previously could have left him tormented by Vines of him looking resolutely unsure of how to appear remotely normal. Instead, he posed for photos, waved and generally looked pretty happy about the whole thing.

Maybe his newfound confidence comes from a Sunday Times YouGov poll that puts Labour ahead of the Tories. Today is the last day you have to register to vote: make sure you do.