Vote Maisie!

Our cover star Maisie Williams takes aim at the establishment with a message for all voters

Listen up! Cover star Maisie Williams is taking a stand against the bundle of short straws our generation has been dealt: the lies, the name calling, and the Gen Y blame game. Narcissistic selfie obsessives? Benefit bludgers? Puking party animals? Give it your best shot, we've heard it all before.

Last week, we published our manifesto, demanding everything from housing, immigration and homo and transexual rights be brought up to a 2015 standard – and our British starlet has our back. Armed with her trusty 'kill list', including targets such as David Cameron, Gary Barlow and Russell Brand, Williams is taking aim at the establishment in her call-to-action – soundtracked by English anarcho-punk band Subhumans – encouraging the 3.3 million of you out there, who can vote, to change the direction that Britain's next generation has been unfairly set on. Now get out there and vote!

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