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Photography by Linder

Artists working with florals, fauna and fungi

Abstract florals with Linder, Afro-Americana alter pieces with Rashid Johnson, and forest fungi with Takashi Homma

It is easy to forget the intensity of nature. The sheer full on feelings flora, fauna and all the green stuff create within us. Zio Baritaux has made it the focus of a series of art books Strange Plants looking at how the subject is focus for emerging artists, photographers and illustrators. To make the second in the series, we bring together our top ten artists excited by plants.


Zin Taylor likes palm trees. His take on the organic has emerged in sculptures, print and stylised drawing works. Taylor, featured in Strange Plants II, created a stunning palm tree duotone prints last year with Mousse magazine.


Rashid Johnson’s black tar cocoa butter Afro-Americana alter pieces and sculptures have increasingly included plants – green ferns and house plants now sprout out of his sculptural structures like an exploding greenhouse.


Chicago-based Stephen Eichhorn makes delicate collage works from cut out images of plants and flowers. He has fuses found cat images with flower eyes, and created virtual bouquets from cut up plant imagery.


Korean illustrative artist Hye Jin Chung creates plant images which a lusciously green. In fact these stylised leaves in her zines appear in multiple greens – and olives and blues and oranges – gaining her fans like It's Nice That and Oh Comely.


Copenhagen-based artist Tal R, who has a show opening at Victoria Miro this month, has turned his brush to the forests of Denmark with stunning results that are somehow pensive and overwhelmingly colourful at the same time.


Japanese photographer Takashi Homma’s book Mushrooms From the Forest is an incredible document of fungi in nature and removed - lovingly photographed with their soil covered roots pulled straight from the ground.


Punk graphic artists Linder owns flowers. Here the female body and flower in bloom are fused into a statement on femininity and the consumption of images with a fat wad of humour.


This Tumblr isn’t a single artist – but whoever make it deserves a mention for highlighting the artistry involved in game design from the stylised to the pixelated, background to three dimensional.


Feature in the first volume of Strange Plants, Taylor McKimens colourful pop drawing plants come to life when transformed into flat graphic sculptures – like cacti in a twisted western cartoon.


French artist Philippe Parreno, who opens a major show at Park Armory in NYC this Spring, is fascinated by the idea of the black garden – a haunting motif that has emerged in his print piece, photographs and film work.