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Snapchat: driving lovers mad with jealousy

Snapchat is the app that makes your partner most jealous

The heightened approach to privacy means that people don't trust it in their lover's hands

Now the third most popular app behind Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is most likely to drive your partner wild with jealousy. A study carried out by academics from the Knowledge Media Center in Germany has revealed that Snapchat is the social network that makes your partner most jealous.

As I'm sure you all know, Snapchat's USP is the ability to send and receive images that self-destruct within seconds, thus making boyfriends and girlfriends around the world suspicious of what's going on in bae's iPhone. As you can see in the table below, Snapchat regularly outperforms Facebook in different situations that could make a partner jealous.

The research demonstrated that Snapchat was used more for flirting and sexting than Facebook, which is predominantly used for keeping in touch with friends. The study also said that "differences between Facebook and Snapchat jealousy were especially strong for items involving a former romantic partner or an unknown potential rival, indicating that un-certainty plays a role."

Ultimately, it's the privacy of Snapchat that unsettles lovers. "Private information was seen as more secretive and suspicious, leading to jealousy within a relationship. Recent research further demonstrates that private communication elicits stronger negative emotions, and that more exclusive messages are seen as threatening to the relationship."

So if you're hanging out on Snapchat all the time and your partner is acting funny, it might be because he or she is wondering just the what the hell is going on in that phone.