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Snapchat Literally Can't Even webseries cast
Emily Goldwyn, Sasha Spielberg and Rylee Ebsen of Literally Can't EvenCourtesy of Snapchat

Snapchat debuts webseries called Literally Can't Even

Scripted entertainment, courtesy of your favourite sexting app

Did you know Snapchat is trying to move beyond the transmission medium of choice for dick pics and drunken night out photos? Well, it is. The company has commissioned a webseries called Literally Can't Even (yes, seriously) in a bid to create original content for its messaging app. It is also, by all accounts, completely terrible.  

Literally Can't Even is the work of Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn, the daughters of Steven Spielberg and Hollywood producer John Goldwyn. They play 20-something best friends who get into misadventures in Los Angeles; basically, it's a cross between Girls and Broad City. The only difference is you only get 24 hours to view each episode, Snapchat-style. Each weekly installment will be published on the Discover page of the app.

The first episode features the two girls going to what must rank as the least exciting LA pool party ever. Thanks to the miracle of technology (read: Snapchat users uploading the video to YouTube), you can now watch just how bad it is. 

UPDATE: Snapchat has now taken down the YouTube video, although you can get a taste of Literally Can't Even's splitscreen film style. Everything you need to know about the plot itself can be encapsulated in this one line: "He follows a lot of hotels on Twitter, which to me says nothing but chic."

Needless to say, Snapchat users were not impressed. Maybe stick to the dick pics next time.