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McDonald's launches Big Mac clothing line

The fast food burger joint branches out to fast fashion in Sweden

Last year, Jeremy Scott channelled McDonald's aesthetic for his Moschino debut, drawing on the burger joint's golden arches and bold reds for his AW14 collection. Perhaps inspired by Scott, McDonald's has now branched out into fashion itself with a Big Mac product line. The results look a lot like something radical art-slash-fashion platform DIS would come up with – but unfortunately, it's also only available in Sweden. 

To celebrate its "I'm Lovin It 24" campaign, the Swedish McDonald's has made Big Mac thermals available on the Big Mac Shop website, with rain jackets and wellies coming soon. If Big Mac clothing just isn't enough, you can also buy a Big Mac dog coat, Big Mac wallpaper and Big Mac duvet covers if you wanna go all out burger on your interior design.

The designs are simple - just white backgrounds with repeated images of the chain's flagship burger. Scott's Moschino gear goes for big bucks on eBay, so if you really need to rep Ronald & Co, maybe £40 Swedish thermals are the most cost-effective way to do it.

(h/t Huh)