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Police officers taser UK
Just on my way to tase some kids, ma'amWest Midlands Police via Flickr / Creative Commons

UK police drew Tasers on over 400 children in one year

Don't tase me, bro – I'm only 14

We’ve all had to watch a toddler tantrum at the supermarket. Or sit in painful silence while some pre-pubescent terror kicks the back of your seat on the bus. At times like this, I want to turn around and give that little brat a short, sharp zap with a 50,000–volt Taser.

Too much? Not for the police. Figures revealed in a Freedom of Information request from the BBC show that 431 children had a stun gun pulled on them by UK police officers in 2013. No wonder British children are scared of the cops.

According to the information released, the youngest person to be fired at with a Taser was 14 years old. Shockingly, the oldest was 82. 

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett, who approved the use of Taser stun guns in the UK, told Radio 5 Live: "I think it’s time for a review that incorporates the use of Tasers with advice and support on how to deal with difficult situations."

Commander Neil Basu, from the Association of Chief Police Officers, defended their usage, saying, "We have to remember that children can commit violent crime too." 

This could be strike three for police stuns-gun. In October last year Home Secretary Theresa May decided to review their use in the police force. The decision was taken after concerns were raised they were being drawn too often on black Londoners and the mentally ill. Now you can add children to that list.