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Natalia Stuyk – Topman x Dazed project
"I’ve been recently exploring making abstract 3D shapes from extruding 2D layers”Courtesy of Natalia Stuyk

We want you to contribute to Ghostpoet’s new video

Dazed creatives join forces with Topman and Ghostpoet in the search for the visuals for the London musician’s new music video – and want your help creating it

British musician Ghostpoet is teaming up with Topman and Dazed to recruit an army of artists online. The task? To put forward their individual talents and take part in helping create a visual identity for the vocalist’s new video. We’re calling on creative contributions from everybody – creative bone in your body or not – via Instagram and Twitter to provide the inspirational visuals that will be used in Ghostpoet’s new music video, “X Marks The Spot.” The initiative comes courtesy of Open Shoot, Topman’s new YouTube music project. The high street retailer is aiming to bring together British musicians and their fans to inspire new art and music collaborations – with Ghostpoet heading up the project’s debut.

To kick start readers, Dazed has enlisted the help of some of our favourite established creative talents. Responding to the question "What colours the canvas?" by expressing their brand of storytelling through a varied collection of visuals – from 3D-rendered graphics, photography and graphic design. Ghostpoet, Topman and Dazed, alongside glitch-obsessive Natalia Stuyk, photographer Felix Cooper and 3D artist Kim Laughton, invite you to take heed and answer that very question yourself. We don't care if you're a trained artist or not – all that matters is that you want to show us what your world looks like. Looking for a bit of inspiration? Tune into Ghostpoet’s teaser track, check out some of the Dazed family’s submissions below and get your phone’s camera into shape – and don’t forget to send your work in via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #openshoot.

Photographer Felix Cooper has taken to his camera to challenge the perceptions of beauty. Featuring both male and female bodies dropping beneath and re-appearing like disjointed parts amongst a sea of white balls, his nudes mesh with a neutral palette to form a consistent image throughout the series. Cooper explains; “I wanted to make these images without a thought process or direction. Having made them, I think I wanted some form of purity. Thoughtlessness, weightlessness. Floating naked bodies suspended in abstraction.”

Shanghai-based artist and Nightslugs/Hyperdub collaborator Kim Laughton, whose 3D-rendered short film – he only works in 3D, mind you – Field premiered just last week on Dazed. A ‘cultural documentation’ of sorts, the piece came courtesy of a project called Forever Now, which basically sent a bunch of artworks into space (is your head hurting yet?). Turning a new project around in record time, Laughton presents his latest futurist aesthetic to us via a canvas and an automobile.

London-based animator Natalia Stuyk – the talent responsible for animating Matt Mailand’s insane jungle-tastic graphics that headed up Kenzo’s Resort 2013 collection – has delivered her vision of digital visual culture by adding technicolour glitchy graphics into the mix. Threading a personal narrative through the series, beginning with photography and ending with graphic design, Stuyk details her journey from Memphis design to “repeating patterns” and “extruding 2D layers”.

Head to for more information on the Open Shoot project and how to enter