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You're Just Too Good To Be True CFA Berlin Claudia Holzinger
"I’ve Got The Look”, 2014Courtesy of Claudia Holzinger

Juergen Teller and Tal R show off their students’ work

The proud duo are personally guiding the next generation of young artists – check out their star pupils as they’re let loose on Berlin’s CFA

You’d be pushed to find a creative soul who hasn’t been in awe of the work of Juergen Teller and Tal R. Their art germinating each generation, aiding bright young things to help sprout their ideas. These fundamental industry contributors are literally and figuratively teaching the next generation, and putting their works on display in an exhibition titled You’re Just Too Good To Be True. The CFA Berlin has given 44 of Teller and R’s students – hailing from The Art Academy Düsseldorf and The Nuremberg Academy, respectively – a platform to go wild on. Here, students such as conceptual artist, Claudia Holzinger and painter Israel Aten are displaying the furthest reaches of their capabilities; abstract paintings, photographs of sausages, human installations, daily nude photographs and sculptures. Currently in its final days, the exhibition is an educative insight into Teller and R’s teachings – a glimpse into the next gen of creatives.

You’re Just To Good To Be True is on at at the CFA until 31 January, 2015. For more information, click here