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Hacked by #GOP

New message from the Sony hackers surfaces on GitHub

The Guardians Of Peace demands Sony ‘stops showing the movie of terrorism’

A further twist in the Guardians Of Peace (GOP) versus Sony battle has emerged in the shape of a further warning posted on GitHub. Somebody claiming to be a representative for the hacker group GOP has left a message on the hosting site that warns Sony to "stop showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the war", most likely an indirect reference to The Interview, the Seth Rogen and James Franco film that details the attempted assassination of Kim Jong-un in its plot.

Whether or not the message is "genuine" is yet to be confirmed.

There's been persistent speculation that the group responsible for the Sony hack is the North Korean government, who have been outspoken about the release of The Interview, declaring the film itself as "an act of war" on account of its assassination plot.

However, we'd speculate that the hackers are probably having fun with the uncertainty that surrounds the perpetrators' identities and sitting somewhere in a room thinking "How would a North Korean write this message?" Does North Korea, a more or less totally offline country, have the knowhow to carry out such a sophisticated and dangerous hack? We'd say probably not. Could this just be a bold PR campaign from Franco and Rogen themselves?

Of course, feel free to call our bullshit when it turns out that Kim Jong-un is in fact one of the world's most dangerous and talented hackers and pictures emerge of him surrounded by high speed computers in Pyongyang, wearing a Guardians Of Peace t-shirt with DVD rips of Fury and Annie all over his desk.