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Voted for by Dazed's network of contributors, the Dazed 100 is your guide to the creatives redefining the future of style and youth culture. Expand the profiles to learn more about each person and to discover a wealth of exclusives. You can also make your voice heard by clicking the "Upvote" button to decide the ranking of the Readers' 100. You never know, you may pick a future cover star...


We asked you to take control of our Dazed 100 and upvote your favourites from our list of the 100 creative renegades that are reshaping style culture. Here is what is happening so far – and no, it's not exactly what you might expect.

Kendall Jenner has been dethroned.

The eclectic talent of New York-based artist/model/actress Hari Nef has proved stronger than international fame, prime beauty campaigns and a multi-million army of social media followers, as Nef currently sits at the top of our Readers' 100 – while the Dazed cover star follows at number seven.

Moving 82 positions up, from 98 to 16, is London R&B/grime producer – and alleged Björk new bff – MssingNo, whose “XE2” was crowned track of the year in a 2013 FACT magazine poll. Anticipating the release of his collab with a “great” (unnamed) artist, Dazed has released an exclusive of his track “Ari Spn” – featuring an enthralling twist on Ariana Grande's “The Way”.

Across the pond, there is another musician extraordinaire that is also quickly climbing up the ladder, landing 69 positions up its original 94 spot. It's 13-year-old San Fran-based electro-jazz prodigy, bedroom composer and recent alt-label Holy Mountain sign-up Henry Plotnick. To be fair, the boy has a history of stand-outs, and was tipped as the next Philip Glass when only 11.

Equalling Plotnick's impressive rise is revolutionary fashion model Andreja Pejic, who's now just falling short of the podium. Moving forward from the mould-breaking androgynous looks that carved her an exclusive spot within the fashion industry, Pejic has topped her 2014 by publicly transitioning into the woman she felt she was since aged 13.

And you? Who would you like to see on top? The definitive list of the Readers’ 100 will be announced on December 22, leaving you a few more days to upvote your picks up through the ranks.

Top movers and shakers of the Readers' 100

Name                    Dazed 100      Readers' 100

MissingNo               98                   16

Henry Plotnick         94                   25

Andreja Pejic           73                   4

Hari Nef                   68                   1

India Menuez           76                   9

Winnie Harlow          80                  14

Jacquemus               71                  8

Lafawndah               100                37

Petra Collins             83                 21

Meadham Kirchhoff   86                 35 

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