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You could go and work for these guys for £140,000 a year

Want to go and work for ISIS? They're hiring

The organisation is looking for an oil plant manager – you could take home £140,000 a year

You probably won't be offered the position by your job centre advisor, but a word to the wise – ISIS is hiring. According to the Times, ISIS wants someone to manage its array of oil refineries, so if you've got experience in the field and aren't terrified of being beheaded, maybe try and fill out an application. However, you'll need good connections to the underworld – ISIS is advertising for the role through the black market.

The group has captured 11 oil fields in Syria and Iraq but has perhaps understandably seen interest in working for ISIS tail off as the caliphate embarked on a violent takeover mission across the Middle East. The group wants to arrest a financial slump in their potentially lucrative oil business, perhaps caused by its determination to only hire professionals who are dedicated to the ISIS cause.

However, one expert theorises that the salary on offer won't be enough to tempt top professionals, especially since ISIS's persistent social media campaign has seen images of brutality broadcast around the world.

"The money is good, but it’s not that good," said Robin Mills, of Dubai's Manaar Energy. "A western oil exec posted to Iraq right now, let alone working for ISIS, would expect to earn a lot more than that".

The role has been advertised after ISIS found out that threatening to kill prospective employees' families if they didn't take the job wasn't really working out. Head of ISIS HR has gone the old-fashioned route and offered a salary instead. Fancy a change of scenery and some incredibly intense working conditions? This job could be for you.