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Vote for Dazed in the Lovies!

We're up for three awards in the annual competition for internet excellence – vote now!

Hey! You might remember that not so long ago, we won an award for Best Editorial Writing at the Lovies, which is basically Europe's version of the internet Oscars. We literally couldn't have done it without you – the People's Lovie Awards are based on votes, which meant a whole lot of you clicked and liked and tweeted about how much you liked us. 

This year, we're up for three Lovie awards: Best Editorial Writing, Best Internet Video for our garage documentary Brandy & Coke), and Best Animation for Dazed visionary Becky&Joe's Don't Hug Me I'm Scared II. That's exactly three times as many awards as we were nominated for last year. My 'B' in GSCE Maths tells me that it's a pretty big deal. 

It would be a massive honour to take home a Lovie, especially since you – our amazing, intelligent and undoubtedly incredibly physically attractive readers – would be responsible for our win. So please click here to vote for us in Best Editorial, here for Best Internet Video and here for Best Animation. There's only a week left to vote, so it would mean a lot if you could spend a few moments casting your ballot for us! In return, we'll promise nothing less than undying devotion – and more great stories. 

In case you need more persuading, check out the Lovie-nominated Brandy & Coke below: