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Shia LaBeouf jogging: back view@campaignbook via Twitter

This is what happens when you go jogging with Shia LaBeouf

LaBeouf ran around an Amsterdam museum with visitors as part of his #METAMARATHON art performance

Shia LaBeouf might not be famous anymore, but he's trying his best. Yesterday, the actor engaged in a #METAMARATHON around the perimeter of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Audience members were encouraged to join LaBeouf for part of his 27 mile jog, running shoes optional.

LaBeouf has been teasing his Twitter followers over the past week – one tweet contained the dictionary definition of the word "run", and several referenced Nike jogging app – so there have been signs that something's afoot (sorry).

On the day itself, Stedelijk staff were on hand to give out bananas, energy bars and victory sashes with the words "I ran with Shia :-)". 

#METAMARATHON is a collaboration between LaBeouf, British artist Luke Turner and Finnish conceptual artist Nastja Sade Ronnko, both of whom worked with LaBeouf on his last performance art project #IAMSORRY. You know, the one where he sat in a room with a paper bag over his head. The performance also follows his last interactive exercise session, "Meditation for Narcissists", in which viewers were invited to jump rope next to a livestream of Shia doing the same from California. 

It appears that the #METAMARATHON is a one-off, with no plans to move the performance to another gallery. 

Performance art pieces aside, Shia is set to return to the silver screen very soon alongside Brad Pitt in the war film Fury

If you want to know what jogging with Shia LaBeouf is like, somebody actually filmed themselves running alongside him. It looks... pretty exhausting, to be honest: