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Element have teamed up with Timber!

Streetwear brand Element hits the road with a Boot Beer tour that sees artist Timber! illustrating live to promote their new AW14 collection

LA based artist and illustrator Chad Eaton, also known as Timber!, has taken the world by storm, with his drawings found emblazoned on everything from skateboards to calendars, t-shirts to canvases. Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, his work is populated with forests, woodland scenes, beer guzzling lumberjacks and yeti-like creatures. It’s old age masculinity at it’s best.

No surprises then that street and sportswear brand Element has teamed up with the creative for a capsule collection inspired by old American workwear and reliable, tough denim. Built around characters already established through Timber!’s work, the collection plays host to selvedge denim, work shirts and coverall jackets, all packed with focussed detailing and quirky Timber! illustrations. 

This month sees the Element Boot Beer tour go out in force, stopping off at Brussels, Milan, Lyon and Paris where customers can head down to Element stores and sneak a glimpse of Timber! illustrating live. Plus in selected stores, customers rocking the best workman attire will win an exclusive Element x Timber! garment and a poloroid camera from Impossible Project.

There's a real focus on storytelling in your work, not just with the Element capsule collection, where does this obsession with stories come from?

Timber!: I dont really know exactly. It's just natural for me to make everything fit together. I've always been a big fan of anything that has created its own world.

You are based in LA but there is a historic American, great outdoors inspired feel to your work. Where did you grow up and what would be your dream habitat?

Timber!: I grew up in the LA area. I'm not a person who likes to draw what's around him. I use it more as a form of escape. I'm more interested in what's not around me. I'm sure if I lived in the forest I would draw the beach. My dream habitat would be one that is always changing I guess. I like all habitats.

How did the collaboration with Element come about?

Timber!: I've been working with Element for about eight years now. At first just as a freelancer. As I grew in my skills I started doing bigger and better stuff. Now it's gotten to a good point where things can be collections. I hope our relationship keeps growing...

Tell us about the four characters the collection is built around. Why did you think these would work for the Element collection?

Timber!: These characters have always existed in my world. This is the first time we have recognised them in an Element collection. I guess they all represent different personalities of myself as all of these characters are in all my other works. I would need to write a novel to describe each one (laughs).

In menswear, there is a huge denim revival at the moment. What do you look for in a pair of jeans?

Timber!: That they are free (laughs). No, I'm no expert. I appreciate the revival but I don't have the patience to appreciate a good pair of jeans at the moment. All my clothes get destroyed from paint and ink and skateboarding. I can't have anything nice.

What's your favourite piece in the Element collection?

Timber!: My favourite clothing piece is the denim jacket for sure. My favorite art piece is the bar scene I drew because it was the basis for everything.

Was there a particular movie, place or book that inspired the illustrations? The bar scene for example, what triggered that? 

Timber!: I think it started as a personal homage to Norman Pettingill. He would always draw some bar scenes. Also I always wanted to create a bar in my universe. I grew up watching the dumb 80s American show Cheers in a way, it made me want to go to a place where everybody knows my name.

Fantastic illustrations aside, what makes this capsule collection stand out for you? 

Timber!: The attention to detail that everybody else put into it is what made it so special. Also the labelling and packaging was probably my favorite. I think I like that more than the illustrations I made.

What are you most looking forward to about launching the collection during the four city tour? 

Timber!: Seeing peoples' response to my stuff is always good. That’s always inspiring. 

Come and celebrate the launch of the Fall 2014 Element x Timber! capsule collection. Timber! will be live painting and to be a part of the action come dressed in your best workman attire for the chance to win an Element x Timber! garment and a Polaroid camera from Impossible Project.