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You can watch Jonas Lund's assistants make his art for him

The net artist is laying pass-the-buck culture bare in his latest installation ‘Studio Practice’

It's difficult to tell exactly who makes art now – is it actually artists or their assistants? Swedish artist Jonas Lund wants to lay everything bare in his new work "Studio Practice". For the installation in an Amsterdam gallery, Lund has hired a team of four assistants to create work based on 300-page guidelines.

Once a piece is finished, a 14-person panel of artists, collectors and critics assess the work to decide if the work should be destroyed or signed by Lund himself. You can watch a livestream of Lund's assistants at work on his website. You can even get notifications when a new piece is completed if you follow STUDIOPRACTICEBIZ on Yo.

The four artists work four days a week from 1pm to 6pm, receiving 10 euros per hour in pay and a 5% commission on any work that they sell.

Lund is happy with their performance so far. "The assistants are all artists, so they're responding very well to the guidelines. No sign of pressure yet," he told us.

However, so far nothing has been signed. As of yet, nobody on the esteemed panel has been impressed enough to give a go-ahead on Lund's signature – but once he signs it himself, the work is completely his. 

Basically, nothing about the procedure is hidden; even the panellists' comments are put online, and Lund has also published the contract that the artists have signed. "Studio Practice" offers a whole new sheen of transparency to the artistic process, from genesis to sale.

As Lund explained to ANIMAL: "In deviating from the traditional practice of producing art within the confines of a studio and then showing it publicly in a gallery, 'Studio Practice' aims to both demystify and embrace the mechanisms of art production and distribution."

Taking his cue from the emergence of young, trend-chasing artists who go for the money shot, Lund has removed himself entirely from the equation – and passes his buck to commission-chasing assistants. And it's all online for you to watch. 

"Studio Practice" runs for a month. You can watch the livestream on his site here.