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YEARBOOK (detail - Carlotta)Photography by Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley & Cory Arcangel team up at Team gallery

McGinley's prolific ‘YEARBOOK’ and Arcangel's 'lowbrow' digital experiments fill the walls of New York's Team gallery

Ryan McGinley's 'YEARBOOK' and Cory Arcangel's 'tl;dr' take up residency at New York's Team gallery in September, plastering the gallery's walls with over 500 nude portraits and mashed up digital artwork displaying 'contemporary symbols of American consumerism' by artists.

36-year-old McGinley marks his sixth solo exhibition at Team, after exhibiting his work for almost ten years at prestigious international galleries such as MoMAthe Kunsthalle in Vienna and The Whitney Museum of American Art. The 'YEARBOOK' project, which began in 2008, is McGinley’s photographic take on mass image production and features trendy New Yorkers in they birthday suits, including the polymathic provocateur Karley Sciortino. The photographs "are characterized by a unique temporal tension: they are strongly contemporary, but create and capture a paradisiacal ideal that is timeless". 

McGinley's images of teens-in-the-buff and titillating twenty-somethings compliments Arcangel's 'tl;dr' by contrast, as the exhibition presents images of pop culture icons such as P.Diddy and Beyoncé, compressed and pixelated on flat-screen televisons. By doing this he aims to "simplify the file by removing much of its original information, sacrificing fidelity for convenience and creating a process of rapid digital decay." Arcangel, also 36, has held exhibitions in both galleries and museums such as the Barbican and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington.

YEARBOOK and tl;dr are at the Team gallery in New York from September 7th – October 26th 2014